Kelly Maccioli

From an early age I loved drawing, painting, designing and creating. I spent most of my high school years hanging out in the art wing, either in the studio art or sewing classrooms. When I got to college I decided to take it all to the next level and study Graphic Design.

After 4 years of study and a summer long internship for a printshop I went out into the world, and in 2003 I landed my first job doing paste-up. From there I spent 5 years working in the design and production department of a local print shop in Cambridge, Ma. I moved on to a large university in Cambridge, where I was the head designer for 6 research centers, there I created posters, brochures, postcards, booklets and anything else I can think up for their academic purposes. I am still on-staff here part-time.

As a creative, my brain is always running. Over the past 5 years I’ve kept myself busy working on small concept pieces, and taking on freelance jobs here and there, and it’s really been a great outlet for my creative brain. Once the Covid-19 pandemic set in I turned back to traditional art to keep myself busy and stay creative during what was both a very slow, and very hectic time here. Check out my Instagram feed here on my site, or find me on the Instagram app under @KellyMaccDesign. I also have an Etsy shop open find me there under @KellyMaccDesign.

All work featured on this site was custom designed for each event, bride or family. No one else will have these designs. My specialties are event promotion, invitations and announcements but all kinds of challenges get my heart racing. I built this site to showcase my concept and freelance work. If there is anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kelly Maccioli  |  Graphic Artist    508.333.1944